I am a medium through which Spirit communicates.

We've all incarnated with a mission, a plan, a purpose, and our wild, feral, intimate: free will. I can help you see ways in which you may align your will to your Soul's calling.

I can see a window into your past, present, and future. It's all here now, around you, within you.  Spirit communication is available to you to comfort, empower, and enlighten you to the truths you are meant to know.

Is it your soul who's calling to you, or a loved one who has passed over, or both?

I believe there is a reason you are reading this right now.



I have always been able to see and sense Spirit, and I've always possessed strong psychic ability.  Of course, I didn't call it that for most of my life. 


A light eventually activated from within me as a calling from Spirit. Spirit showed up strongly, as orbs of light, all around me, insisting to be acknowledged.   I realized I knew who they were. Some were angels, some were Loved Ones, some were guides.

I had to answer the call. 


Mediumship and psychic abilities are gifts I've been given to serve people on their journeys. I honor these gifts by spiritual practices, but I can't take credit for this work.

How could "I" possibly know the things I know about sitters?

It's always Spirit working through me to bring light into their lives, and healing.

I am constantly creating. Much like in readings, "I" step aside and let my higher self/Spirit express itself through my paintings, drawings, writing, sewing, photography, and now, my favorite of all, Mothering. 

I live in the US with the lights of my life: my husband, baby boy, and baby girl.