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one who sees things as they are

I am a Seer, one who sees things as they are, an artist, and a mother. I work as a mirror for those who are seeking a glimpse at their inner power and Source Creator, and as medium for bereaved mothers and families. 
I nurture the Fearless Witness in myself and others as a remedy to societal, familial, emotional, and physical ills; by gaining more wholistic awareness we become more truth, beauty and love. 
My work is an exploration of the everyday as sacred. 


My aim is to mirror the beauty of our true nature.

We contain our past, present, and future outcomes within our primordial field, our energy field, our soul. It's all here now.

All of my work is soul-work. I blend with my sitter to reflect the beauty of her essence, so that she may view a fuller, truer, version of herself, her life's events, her undeniable power and innate perfection.


Spiritual communion is available to us to comfort, empower, and enlighten us to the truth of what we are, and what we are willing to know about ourselves.

Spiritual communion, soul, body, and mind congruence is our birthright.



I have always been able to see and sense Spirit, light, a conscious energy that I felt a kinship and communication with coming from within me and also dancing all about me.


For most of my life, I kept this relationship private,  cultivating a personal bond with the mystical before I could articulate any of it.

At some point on my path, I had to act on my intuition as a massive demonstration to myself of true love and faith: I had to quit my job in fashion, break off relationships, and eventually leave my home in NYC, to surrender fully to this knowing from within.

Through my art, dreamwork, yoga practice, meditation, and studies, my psychic and mediumistic abilities flourished in conjunction with my human ability for abundant joy, and acceptance of suffering as it arises and falls away.


It became clear I would share these abilities and practices in service to women as a class, and to empower women and men as intuitive individuals.

I am available for private sessions beginning again January 2023. Please sign up for my mailing list to see my latest offerings.

I live in the Northeast woods of the US with the lights of my life: my husband, my baby boy, and baby girl.

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