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August 2019 Psychic Forecast

Sun Bath / collage by madalyn

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August is full of creative forces, fire, and possibilities. I have to say, it's embarrassing for me to post videos of myself. I prefer to be the one behind the camera, observing.

But a few months back I felt called to start sharing my psychic mediumship through social media, and the channeled information has been resonating with others.

We really need to put our egos and self-criticism aside to accomplish our work here. I may be psychic but this is the LAST thing I thought I'd be doing with my life. If it were up to little me, I'd be cooped up in a studio living in the woods in obscurity like J.D. Salinger, making great works of art, my face never to be seen by the general public.

But the universe had different plans for me, and it's truly so much better than what I'd hoped for myself in this lifetime. That's when you know grace is working in your life. When you ask, what did I do to deserve this gift, partner, career, child? Probably nothing!

You are made of love, so you deserve love, you don't have to do anything to become what you already are.

That's a hard concept in the West. The best things in our life come straight out of the blue and we can't really take any personal credit for them, we are humbled, and feel Spirit in those blessings. When mediumship began unfolding in my life, it brought me to my knees in awe and gratitude.

J.D. Salinger was horrified when he saw the result of the response to Holden Caulfield, the character in his novel Catcher in the Rye, the young man who was sick and tired of phonies, living in a mental institution, who wanted out of society. Holden was so personal to him, so uniquely him, how could everyone relate?

We are all made of one, chi energy, Holy Spirit and it runs through every sentient being.

When we share authentically, and specifically, what is our ultimate truth, we strike a chord in others, the One that connects us all.

This month is so full of potential, and design ideas for your path, it may have you feeling overwhelmed at times, and impatient. You may have to juggle a few things at once, but if that's what's being presented to you, then you can definitely handle it. Creating something new can feel so vulnerable, and take us out the comfort of what we've known to be "me" for so long.

Just know what you're making will still be you, but the truer form, less personality, more soul~

Watch Psychic Forecasts of your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs. These are psychic readings, but I find dividing us by astrological sign's elements works perfectly for group psychic information. Comment here or in the video's comment section with what resonates with you.

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