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Capitol Coup and What’s to Come

What we saw 1/6/21 was another revelation of the sickness inside the American government. The sickness inside the American people.

This is an archetypal response to light be cast in the darkness. It’s Our light when we walk together in peace and hope that our citizens and ourselves live in freedom. (BLM, metoo)

The darkness isn’t growing, or gaining power. It’s being revealed right where the rot has been festering for a long long time. And it stinks. But I wouldn’t fear it.

It’s love, it’s the truth that lights that exposes the violence hate and hypocrisy within us.

More will be revealed, we will see more of these outbursts pop up around the country, this month. More hypocrisy will be on display for the world to see.

But don’t mistake it as a strength. Again, it is an unveiling.

There is no power in “I love God (or country or president) and hate my brother.”

It’s the love we have of our human family that is the expression of the divine, and I see that all around us.

What’s to Come this Month:

There will be more orchestrated and organized attacks around the country in the coming weeks and on Inauguration Day. It will be difficult to see and experience, for so many of us, but it is important that we don’t deny the Shadow being exposed.

Elected officials are especially vulnerable. Police and military are not as unified as they are portrayed. The extremists within will begin to be exposed, but not without a fight. In 2021, we will see some begin to put down their arms and advocate for peace In our cities, and the world.

There is no coming to consciousness without pain.

People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own soul.

One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”

~ Carl G. Jung

White Supremacy will be on display in a way we haven’t seen in the spotlight, ever. This is not because it’s grown, but because we are connected and exchanging information in ways previously impossible. This is what is necessary for people to stop avoiding it, because it is what is happening—making the darkness conscious. We’re all a part of it.

People will not be satisfied with the government’s response, as the government will continue to try to avoid facing the stain on Its’ own Soul: White Supremacy in America.

What we can do is within ourselves. Find your inner truth, and follow goodness within yourself. There is where all your guidance lives, and where God communicates to you.

All forms of frustration, reaction in hate, and anxiety come from your ego self, not your Higher Self. We are strong enough to face the ugly, horror, darkest evils, I promise you! It is exactly what we are here to do. If we experience evil and be love anyway, we will have overcome in that moment. Ask inwardly for that kind of power to move you.


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