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Let Go the Fear of Death of the Ego

If you've been watching the recent events from eye level, you know we have a racism problem, we have a sexism problem, we a classism problem. With all of our advances in technology we are seemingly matrix-ed in a very archaic way of perceiving each other. To let go of these atrocities we will have to deal with our innermost essential problem: fear of Death, the death of the Ego. We are a culture obsessed with youthfulness. Why is that? Fear of death of the Ego. You have wisdom within you who knows life is eternal. But your ego will die with this incarnation, my Madalyn will die. It is that same fear that allows us to, the vast majority stay apathetic to the genocides happening in our world, with the aid of our tax dollars, and the hate crimes and murders being acted out by the hands of our government onto black embodied souls in our own backyards. Once we face our deepest fears, fear being an internal injustice, we can embrace them, and in turn face external injustice in the world around us, head-on, with the strength and courage of God incarnate. We can do both at once. Then our biases lose their power over our internal and external lives. And we must do both at once.

I see that transformation happening now. You see it happening now.

Jesus spent 40 days in the desert. Buddha faced Mara under the Bohdi tree, Mary witnessed the brutal murder of her beautiful spirited divine child, and you can do this. You don’t have to be above it and deny it, and you don’t have to be below it and carry shame.

Shame is ignoring suffering: the suffering you impose, the suffering you’ve experienced. Be right here with it.

Release yourself from the awful notion that you won’t be able to handle the pain. It’s no mistake that you may embody white-ness in this lifetime, and as I typed that spirit kept auto-correcting me, three times: witness, witness, witness.

Your whiteness is to be used to bear witness, and used to act in love thereafter. Souls inhabiting black and brown bodies are being called to face and share, across these segregated "borders" their experience of injustices figuratively and literally.

Love embraces all, when you face your own biases, you become more free, and therefore inflict less suffering on others, and may act swiftly in love each day, without the weight of guilt. You become more whole.

We can confront our own biases and the very real ones that exist in every system on Earth, we can do this because that's what the moment is calling for, so that is what Spirit is calling for, so that's what we are here for.

We have the tools. Keep your eyes on the light.

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