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Mediumship Readings~

Spirit in the Sky / digital collage by madalyn

A medium is a person who is able to connect to the world of Spirit and deliver messages from Loved Ones to those who are still here on Earth. Most mediums have the ability to communicate with other disincarnate beings as well, such as Spiritual Guides, Angels, and Ascended Masters. What makes communication with Loved Ones unique is that the sitter, the one receiving the reading, is able to identify their family members and friends in Spirit through evidence the medium brings forward. Evidence is the key for the sitter to be able to commune with the person in Spirit in a true and authentic way. Genuine mediums will bring forward lots of spot-on evidence for the sitter to affirm. "Spot-on" is totally subjective to the sitter. Spirit is incredibly intelligent and they know what you need to hear in order to say "Yes, that's him!"

I may get personality, names, songs, important numbers, hobbies, shared memories, physical descriptions, objects of meaning, and anything else that Spirit wants to talk about.

It's nothing short of a miracle every time.

My Process

I disconnect from this world, and sit with my soul, then merge with the Divine. I set the intention that only the client's Loved Ones in Spirit come through, namely those they can recognize, and create a sacred space around us so there's no interference. In truth, the biggest interference is the mind of the medium who wants to get involved and start understanding the story that's unfolding, or the mind of the sitter if there is cynical energy clouding it. I pray beforehand and set intentions for Divine intervention.

I meditate and sit with Spirit daily to nurture the continual unfolding of the gift of mediumship.

Why get a Mediumship Reading?

You miss your friend, partner, child, and just need to know they're okay, and talk to them again. You may need reassurance that there's eternal life. Perhaps there was someone who passed on who you had a difficult relationship with, and feel there were things left unsaid. Someone in Spirit may want to apologize to you. They may want to congratulate you on your latest life news. You may have always felt a love from a grandparent or parent who passed before you were born, or when you were very young and talking to them would feel like finding a missing piece to your puzzle. You're having dreams of a Loved One in Spirit and you are wondering if they are real visitations. There are infinite reasons why you may want to get a Mediumship reading, and infinite ways healing and closure can come from just one sitting.

You may feel the urge to get a mediumship reading and not really know why.

That could be because I believe your people in Spirit are the ones who set this reading up for you, way in advance of when we actually sit down for a session. Some mediums believe it happens six weeks before you book the session. I don't know about the timing exactly, but I do know your Loved Ones in Spirit and guides pick your Medium long before you do. If you are grieving, they want to offer you the evidence that they are still with you, but have just dropped their form. If you've just had a child, they want you to know they know the baby. Mostly they want to relay that love and life are eternal, it's a honor to relay these messages for them.

What to do before a Mediumship Reading

You may want to set some intentions the night before your reading. Looking at photos of Loved Ones who have passed over and talking directly to them is a wonderful way to initiate the link. It is intimate and personal to you and your Loved One, and can enhance the experience for you, because you may get affirmations the next day that they heard you. You may like to hold one of their possessions and say a prayer. None of this is necessary, but it can help to deepen your connection and continue your relationship to them. I do not need photos or objects of those who have passed over to give the reading, and prefer not to use them, but I find the sitter holding them the night before or in her purse can help open their hearts to messages from the other side.

A message from my Guides on the Sacredness of the Mediumship reading~

Love in the everyday those you seem to have lost for they feel you now again closer and stronger than when they were in the body/ Talk to them/ You will hear the answers in whispers and loud bangs of the drum to step you always in the right direction to enrich your Earthly experience / It is very fast and very precious/ Cherish each other in the every day and you will feel Spirit all around you

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