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New Moon in Leo Oracle Reading

Your ideas for your career or life's work are starting to manifest in your life in tangible ways. We're being called to have the confidence of a lioness in all we do. Many of you will be inspired to redecorate and restructure homes, or start researching new ones. There's no need to over-think or over-work a project, go with your first draft, your first idea, your first gut feeling and you'll see how much more fun these things can be. For those who are grieving, there will be more windows of light coming through the tunnel. You will feel quicker to laugh and cry, rather than just cry. Let it all come up, as you go deeper en route to get to the bottom of it.

We're being called to embrace divine femininity, which means flowing and listening to our bodies, but going at exactly what we want. Kindness and collaboration are also coming up, rather than competition. We will need to work with others to accomplish our goals, and it will be so much more enriching that way.

The summer has us reconnect to our inner child, our self assurance. Even if our child had a sad story we have the power to heal, then in time, rework the trials into suspenseful fantasy, where we emerge victorious.

Listen to the full reading~

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