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October Monthly Forecast by Numbers

This month, I did a psychic readings where you pick a number 1, 2, 3, or 4. Whichever number calls to you holds the message that resonates with your Spirit right now. I really resonate with numerology, and use it quite a bit in my messages, or more accurately, Spirit uses my acumen for numerology to get information through.

If more than one number seems to be calling you- listen to both. Are all the numbers resonating with you? Listen to the whole video.

It is channeled psychic reading for your month of October 2019, with a few affirmative oracle cards pulled at the end-- But this reading can be used by any one at any time, there is no expiration date to these messages. I love these readings because I find them to be even more specific and useful than the ones I did according to your Element: fire, air, water, earth. Comment here, on Youtube, or email me your feedback. I'd love to hear what resonates and if you like this format.

Watch the video here:

Timestamps for where your reading starts:

Number 1 @ 1:51 minutes

Number 2 @ 17:35 minutes

Number 3 @ 32:39 minutes

Number 4 @ 49:55 minutes

Blessings to you in the month of October and beyond~

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