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Oracle Reading: Lunar Eclipse, Surrender in the Aftermath

LUNAR ECLIPSE / POWER / collage by madalyn

Last night we experienced the partial Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Capricorn. The moon was full and an absolutely gorgeous orangey force in the sky. It's power actually seemed to shake the ground we walk on, adjusting our footing into the exact right place. Many long chapters came to an abrupt close, many went out on a high note. Note the movement which started around July 2nd's Solar Eclipse ending yesterday, and this week. It is all so potent. If you're wondering go back and check your calendar now, what has transpired in your life since the beginning of the month?

A light's been shown in the darkest places and forced out all that was hiding away and no longer belongs to us. For some it wasn't the results that we wanted, but trust, it was the result we needed on a soul-level. For those of you who have been waiting for this welcomed change for years, it seemed to happen overnight, so YES!

The wisdom of my soul wants to share, this is the lightening bolt of the Heavens striking down all that's in need of transformation, in an instant. All we can do is surrender and ride this wave out. Today we may be left stunned, but at least it's a moment to catch our breath and maybe have a laugh about it. Whether you quit a job or lost a job, fell in love or separated, or saw a loved one so close to physical death, only to have them bounce back to lucidity on exactly July 16th, like I did, believe Spirit is working in your Highest Good and try to set aside the part of you that needs to understand. Let your soul rise to the occasion. It is your soul who needs to have this very experience right now with all the rest of us.

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