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Re-Visiting the Law of Attraction

collage by Madalyn
Mirror, Mirror / collage by Madalyn

Our universe is made of energetic Laws. Though most of the time, from eye level, things may seem chaotic, random, and unmeasured, both science and Spirit has taught us that there is an order to things, and a way to measure and even predict how energies will react to a certain force.

Like most people on a spiritual journey, I was inundated with The Law of Attraction from the get-go, and eventually, it turned me off. There was something about it- perhaps taking a spiritual truth and bending it to work for an American-consumerism mindset felt more like capitalist propaganda than Spiritual truth. After awhile, I stopped working with it. Manifesting a dream car or spouse seemed at times like trickery, and simply coming from an Ego-center, at least that's the way I saw it after I used it. At the time I heard of it, shiny objects were exciting to me, I didn't really have a measure for success other than having material wealth and a doting husband. The message resonated with me: thoughts become things. I always knew, at least in part, that there was truth there. At the time I heard about The Secret, I was poor, overworked, unhealthy, single, young and lost. I played around with vision boards, and shortly thereafter realized my body had become the picture I posted on the board above my desk.

But like most things, I learned that attaining a goal does not equate freedom or joy. After a prayer of gratitude, (of course) the truth is, I was underwhelmed! I thought, ok, well now I want to be more fit! It was as if I'd known all along that was possible, finally accepted the possibility as the truth, and when it materialized I knew on some level this was kindergarten stuff. What I came to find out is my intentions were that of a child, things that bring temporary ego-satisfaction, but not soul-level abundance.

There were also plenty of things I tried to manifest that did not come to fruition: ie having the money to start my own clothing brand. At the time, I was still a fashion designer working in the industry, thinking that would be my life's trajectory.

From Ego, you will want to manifest what your heart isn't in, and it may come true.

It may not. I was lucky enough that many things I thought I wanted at the time didn't come to fruition. Especially romantic relationships which were TOTALLY not sustainable, healthy or meant for me! There are many Laws working at all different levels we can't conceive of with our minds, but this incarnation seems to be a dance between what is to be destined, and what is to be willed. And perhaps learning to use one's will to achieve that destiny. Even further, there may only be One ultimate destiny, the one of Enlightenment, and all the rest is just experiences of the will to get there.

Perhaps what we want to manifest should sound more like a prayer, a question to God, the Universal Power, your Soul : What is it I'm meant to create? What is it my Soul is yearning for me to do here?

And then remember there are No Limits. Most of the time it's your Ego that limits what you believe is possible. If you align yourself with your heart to create in this world, you will be aligning yourself with your soul's mission. From there, you can manifest all the material things you'll need to accomplish it, and that which will bring you joy, absolutely! Afterall, we are having a material incarnation for a reason, so best not to push it away to be more "holy." Just don't confuse material for You. The ultimate you is formless.

You will know you are aligned with your heart when your work includes service to others, to nature, and gives you joy.

You're always being told to be very specific while manifesting. What I've learned is to leave the physical specifics to the Great Spirit. Go with your feelings, the energy of how you want to feel right now in your life. Bring the feeling into the present. Reach out to from your heart space and ask what is best for you, how best to use your gifts, and ask for the ears to hear the answer. Then believe that it's that simple. Believe that every prayer you have is immediately heard, and answered. Don't let the Ego trick you into wasting time on things that aren't meant for you. This happens so often in relationships, or societal measures of success. Once you lend your will to the will of the Universe, all things are possible, and you'll have fun with it.

We have always been manifesting, co-creating, but for most of us it all happened subconsciously.

It helps in order to be in your power, and aligned with this law, to look around at your life, everything in it, the "good" and the "bad" and take responsibility for all of it. This is a tough thing to accept if one's not ready for that. What I will say is to play ball on the level of this Law, we are responsible. This law insists that you tap into the perspective that you create or co-create your reality. If you don't want to do that, if this sounds like total crap to you, like it has to me at times, no need to force it or defend your stance. I'm not selling anything here or claiming to know what is, or even talking about ultimate reality. It's all about experience and schooling on Earth, and this Law of Attraction is a tool you can pick up from time to time.

So, I play games all the time with the Power, for the fun of it, because it's my dharma, and I truly enjoy doing it. It informs my work and my experience here, and therefore I'm finally writing about it. Please make no mistake, this conscious "manifesting" is not everyone's dharma, and that's where people fall into endless battles with each other when they're quite literally operating from two different levels of consciousness. But if you're reading this: consciously Co-creating with the God source energy is probably your dharma, too.

And in one way or another, you reached out to Spirit from your heart and asked if you had the power to create your reality.

Well, here's your answer! Yes. Maybe you just needed a reminder.

Just keep in mind, if there's no joy in it, there's no point in it.

I've come full circle with manifesting, and the Law of Attraction. I know it's real, but it's not my main focus because most of the time if I'm honest, I don't know what is best for me to attract, so better for me to align with The Great Mystery, and then have fun on that wild ride. I take it day by day and stay as present as possible. Then of course, I use it to co-create things I think I know what's best for me : from parking spaces, to glowing skin, to meeting my soulmate, to harmony in my marriage. Manifest a hair tie!

It's been the better part of a decade since I first heard about the Law of Attraction, and you know what, I have completely changed my life around a few times over and witnessed a few miracles along the way. I love what I do, I'm in love with my beautiful family, I have a connection to the Whole I never dreamed of, a purpose to communicate, and I finally prioritize caring for my body and Spirit.

But like Caroline Myss says "think of the best thing that ever happened to you, what did you do to make that happen?" (or something along those lines). The answer is, nothing. I never could foresee mediumship changing my world and putting me on my path the way it has. It feels like a gift from God, and my son, a divine gift from God. Did I manifest it, was it destined? Oh paradox of the Earthly plane!

Reach out to the Source from your heart, resist nothing, and by all means, let go the outcome.

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