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Ritual for Workflow and Manifestation

illustration by madalyn

First a note about creating/manifesting :

Every time I sit down to create I’m a different artist, painter, person. like a true human, I fluctuate frequencies hourly, especially while creating and working. I go somewhere when I paint, then somewhere else when it’s time to make lunch or I get a text. when I get interrupted while painting I jump and usually scream. Does this happen to you?

It’s just the same as being awakened to the physical world whilst you’d been in a dream, a dream you didn’t realize was a dream. For me, the world of dreams is the reality of our spirit, is home. coming back down to earth can be jarring. When I paint for days and speak very little, there’s a process I go through of “returning.” all of this can be very painful at times, but in the beginning, it was necessary to develop all parts of me. This however, is not to be romanticized. it’s not the goal. Pain and suffering through creation is sign of the very beginning stages, wonderful, necessary, but not a method in which to get stuck--or revere as greatness. The goal is to embrace all of it, the human, who needs to eat a few times a day and discuss the weather, join a picket line, makes morbid jokes. And the Spirit who needs nothing, is free, opposes no one, is in love with everyone, embraces it all.

Below is a ritual to move us past the beginning stages of creation. The mother does not stay pregnant or in labor for long. It may feel like forever, but there is an allotted time for this part of the process in creation. It is the beautiful beginning. Some of us must expand our mindset in order to get our creations to the next stage. Perhaps we're being called to be more conscious creators, perhaps our project requires more energy than anything we've ever tried for before. The process is the goal, any time we can add more joy and awareness into our process, which is our present moment, our soul rejoices.



20 minutes uninterrupted

a candle

2 bowls of water

a dried leaf, flower, wood, or matchstick

apple cider vinegar (or any vinegar)

essential oils for manifesting: ylang ylang, ceaderwood, bergmont, wild orange

use any or all, be intuitively guided

a spray bottle to keep your ritual water to spray throughout the month

Light your candle and set your intention.

"With this flame I create a Sacred space all around me, above me, below, me and in all four cardinal directions. I call upon the Angels of the Light, my Spirit Guides, my Loved Ones who aide me from Spirit, and God/Source/Great Spirit (add those ascended Masters who you pray to) to hover over me as I pray for all that which is mine by Divine right to come to me through this ritual and bond with You."

Take your dried leaf, and burn it for a few seconds, blow it out and waft the smoke into your aura, then drop it into the water.

"This dried leaf represents all within in me, my mind, body, Spirit or Soul which no longer serves me in manifesting that which is my Divine calling. I release now, all judgments, fears, anxieties, past life experiences, and past disappointments through all time and dimensions, especially : and state a few things that intuitively come to mind that you are meant to release."

Take your second bowl of water and add a drop of apple cider vinegar, and a couple of drops of each of your essential oils.

"With these oils I vow to open my heart, mind, and Spirit Eyes, to all that is possible for me in this incarnation. I consciously choose to co-create with You. With the vinegar, I purify my mind, heart, breath, and intention to align with Your Will. I ask for the help and guidance of all Divine Beings of Light who are present with me now. State out loud what you wish to manifest. I know that time is but an illusion, all that I wish to be is within me Now. I tune into the frequency of the abundance inside me as I pray. I accept all of that which I have stated, or that of Something Far Greater which is within me by my Divine Life plan, comes to me Now as I sit and receive in great fields of plenty."

Dip your finger in your water, cross or dot the top of your head, your third eye, your throat, and your heart. Close your eyes and breathe naturally for at least 3 minutes. Feel free to sit in meditation. Feel, hear, know, smell, taste what it is you are manifesting, Now. Let your heart play, daydream, and know all of it's sensations. Realize you have it all within you.

Close the ritual with prayer hands and thank Source, and all of those who gathered from Spirit to aide and guide you. Send the Love you feel in your heart to an person or persons in need.

Drain the ash water in the sink or outside, and thank the Earth for receiving it.

Add your blessed Ritual Water to a spray bottle or tincture and use it throughout the month as needed. Name it for fun~

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