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september 2019 psychic forecast

digital painting by madalyn

The first two weeks of September are asking us to relinquish control in the creative process. Not to anyone-- to Source, the Divine. This is the biggest challenge for Virgos-- and we're all encountering our Virgo-selves with the sun and moon passing through this sign. When we let go, and let God/universe, we discover answers to problems we never thought possible. Being human, we literally cannot imagine all possible outcomes, so we do our best. Spirit can, our souls can merge with source, and realize quite naturally, everything. So, nothing you can dream up with your human mind, absolutely nothing is impossible.

Because we have a hard time imagining how we could possibly achieve something, we limit ourselves from the get-go. We want to be reasonable, safe. Virgo is born into this "realness" debacle to overcome it in this lifetime. Now, we are all asked to overcome our reasonability when it comes to our life's work.

All revolutionaries, all visionaries have one thing in common: being brazenly unreasonable.

When we are caught in a pattern that we're trying to move past, to jump to another frequency, another quantum plane, we cannot use the same methods we've been using to get to the higher plane.

The trick lies in not denouncing the methods that got us here thus far, and not judging ourselves for being in the same old predicament again. Love the old methods, and thank them, and set them aside. But how? Virgo asks how!

Letting go means having faith, and we will be presented with plenty of instances this month to practice faith or to FREAK out. It's the 4th as I write this, and likely you already have. So many will be changing jobs, and changing career paths, which may feel abrupt. It can be as simple as making the choice between faith and fear, but it's not easy.

Have you been pushing against a stone for too long in your current position? There's a reason why it won't budge. You're meant to look up and side-step that boulder, there's a new path unfolding for you to see, it's just appeared.

We can always access our Souls' perspective, when the freak out is happening, let it, but identify with the one who is "letting it" and not the one who is freaking out. While you're "up" there say hi to your Loved Ones, guides and angels, and signal for help. We were never meant to do any of this alone.

This month is all about career our life's work, and next to romantic love, we hold this label up as Who We Are. So, it can be touchy and emotional. Try to flip it on it's side. Our career is just the vehicle to get us into the touchy, emotions. So often we think it's the label that's Everthing! When in fact, our just being, high or low, loving or snide, fear-based or faith-based is the everything.

When we leave our bodies, we will care less about what we did, how much, and who noticed, but how we did it. In faith or fear?

In the middle of the month the Harvest Moon is in Pisces on the 14th. Speaking of washing away old methods--Pisces' intuition and water element will have us feeling every ending, especially every ending we resist. We may think this is too much, and have the urge to repress our feelings when all that matters is finishing our very important fill-in-the-blank. The energy it takes to repress, ignore, set aside emotional matters that need attention ultimately prolongs our creative process--and in one way or another will interfere with you hitting that deadline. Be careful not to gamble with your emotions this month, and crack the whip on yourself at work. It's so important to allot time each day for a quiet bath, a walk, a book or film to allow the feelings to surface.

On a macro note--so much information that was hiding in the shadows will be revealed by the end of this Harvest month. Watch for this in politics, and worldly matters, and brace yourself. More people who hold external power will fall from grace. The Earth will continue to react to the past century of humans stripping it irresponsibly. It is purging under it's element's sign in Virgo, just like we are. Do your best not to take it personally. Bearing witness holds it's own type of suffering, my soul says bear it from two planes. One as human who is outraged, crying, responsive, perhaps ambivalent, or action-oriented. And, One as Soul when you are alone, quiet, pondering, praying. Soul is where you see All from above, all as necessary and all as love.

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