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The Aura and the Four Energy Bodies

What is the aura? It is the energy that makes up and surrounds you. As a psychic medium, I can read, see and feel auras. In my experience the color and size are ever-changing, though there are colors you may always exude.

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All sentient beings have auras. Inanimate objects also do, but they do not necessarily have the four energy bodies.

Below, I will break down the energy bodies which make up each human being.

With this information, you will be able to better understand the mechanics of you, and all of us.

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Physical- Your physical body emanates energy, within it is the knowing of all the physical events your body has experienced in this lifetime and is going to experience. Since your body has the unique ability to experience pain, and comfort, your Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual bodies will send information through this vehicle. As a psychic, I can feel your pain, temporarily and symbolically, and find the moment of inception of it. Usually the inception of the physical ailment is an emotional memory and situation, but not always. Empaths can also feel physical, emotional, and mental bodies of others. We are all Spirit, so we all have this ability to varying degrees.

Emotional- Your divine feelings are full of wisdom and information and are all contained just outside of your physical body. I feel I read the emotions you've experienced pre-birth, and since birth if they are relevant to you at that moment when we sit for a reading. For most of us, our emotions are heavily processed through our 3rd and 4th chakras, the Solar Plexus and the Heart. In my experience, these transmit some of the most powerful energy, and are the first centers of which your Soul demands to be read and honored.

Mental- Your Mental Body contains every thought you've ever had in this lifetime, and ever will have. As a psychic, I spend the least amount of time here, because you are likely to spend the most amount of time listening to your thoughts, and therefore are very familiar with them! Most of us feel a bit tormented by them at times, but I assure you, the mind is just as Divine as every other energy body you have. There is a lower mind, full of fear and worry, mostly concerned with survival and resistant to change. Then there is the Higher mind, able to process intuitive information from the Source, discerns fact from fiction, knows when to trust and hang back, or stay determined and committed when the lower mind wants to run. The mind is a sacred processing center while you're human for all that is Spiritual, Physical, and Emotional, so be kind to your mind and Ego, they're natural. They're part of the Divine experience of your life.

Spiritual- Your true Self, Higher Self, Soul, Pure Consciousness. This is the fullness of your being from this incarnation, every physical indicator, emotional, mental, and spiritual experience you've had throughout incarnations and dimensions. It is the You who knows a lot more about what you're doing here and why than the personality does. Since there is no time in Spirit, it is all available to you or the psychic reader in the Now. I can't possibly tell you I understand this, I just know it in my heart to be true. And I've been blown away at the eagerness and ease to which the Soul is ready to communicate to the client through readings. The reading itself holds up a mirror to these parts of yourself you can't possibly access all the time. We're meant to be human while we're here, after all. It connects the dots and brings information that is contained within your heart and Soul to your conscious mind so you can make more conscious decisions for yourself. Or simply to "wake up" and start identifying as the One who has thoughts, instead of identifying with every fleeting thought.

Do you realize you walk around everyday containing so much wisdom, experience, power and light? You can tap into the deepest parts of your consciousness without a psychic reading through meditation, breathing rituals, and other spiritual practices that you feel drawn to. The key is dedication, and everyone who desires to connect to their Soul Self, can do it. In fact, it happens unconsciously all the time. Psychic Readings help affirm your own intuitive hits, especially through the times where our rituals don't seem to be doing the trick, or our practices have dulled in the face of great challenges that arise in our lives.

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