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The Spiritual, and Everything Else

The physical and the Spiritual cannot be separate and both be true. The personal, and the political, and the business cannot be separate and all be true. Everything is therefore, one. Is it one with your Spirit? We are being called to find consistency in ourselves. Are you the same person across the board, or do you have to hide parts of yourself here or there, to fit in, and why?

Where we once had to find Spirit in solitude in the Piscean age, we are now moving towards integration as we enter the Aquarian age.

Spirit comes with us into the workplace, the streets, our home and family, and with that, it transcends. If we allow it, our Spirit and the Great Spirit can neutralize any energy into it's natural state of Love.

The Aquarian age demands integrity in all matters.

Do you vote your conscience, be it with your words, your dress, your ballot, your dollar? Here’s the real zinger: do you feel superior to others because you do vote your conscience?

You can only know what is true for You, in that moment. Look back 10 years. Is what is true for you now what was true then? Maybe, some things. But the majority of us are shocked at the stranger we see in the past, who holds only a vague resemblance to what we identify with now.

In truth, if we are busy judging opposition, we are busy judging ourselves. Be like a child, firm in your truth, but unabashedly curious and ultimately loving the whole play.

For many of us who are consciously on a Spiritual Path, we can tend to use it as an escape, we find ourselves thinking differently, feeling Other, and therefore separate from the rest of society, and often want not to engage. I know I feel this feeling well! I do have to disengage for days or weeks at a time due to the demand of my work on my energy.

All of our work requires energy, of which we have limited supply of on Earth. Judging depletes us unnecessarily.

Politics like God has gotten to be eye-roller words.

It may be more digestible to call Politics “service” and God “Source” in order to distance the labels with the corruption in religion and on Capital Hill.

You may be saying “I can’t take this anymore.” And that may be true for the moment. You may need to take a deep breath, and meditate daily. Meditation can simply be sitting quietly alone for 3-5 minutes a day, doing nothing, with your eyes slightly open. The order of the day is balance. As far as we know, we’re in this incarnation for the long-haul.

We cannot dis-engage completely and dishonor our physical existence: taxes, politics, food, exercise, sex! It will creep up on us eventually, demanding to be acknowledged. The physical, the mind, is all sacred. If All There Is is One, we cannot pick and choose who and what is included in being holy. If you’re reading this, you’re fully ready to embrace All of It, from your heartspace, and that can be a life-long process, with lots of moments of heart alignment with all beings that keep you going. You have the strength of Spirit to open your heart while keeping your feet on this plane sorting through the rubble of all the suffering you see here.

As Ram Dass says, “Look at the people you don’t love and see them as an exercise for you to open our heart.”

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