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The Trap of Protection

So many in the spiritual realm will sell you on an idea of protection. Protection from energy vampires, protection from angry, jealous, “broken” people, protection from other people’s projections, protection from your families and our communities. We try to "rise above it," and land squarely on our face under the weight of that notion. Many of us will turn toward spirituality as a safe-haven where we can “check-out” from the perils of the world, our worlds, and rise above them, and the latest I’ve heard a lot about is: “see the bigger picture.” But like so many of you know: we can’t stay there, that’s not what we’re human for. So many of us will try. I speak to you from experience; if you try to retain your above-vision as a form of resisting your shadows, ie, prejudices and shames, fears, feelings of worthlessness or arrogance, it will only serve to strengthen those things you mean to repress, and having not gotten the attention of your conscious mind: it will infect your physical and mental wellness, it will infect your community where you mean to be spreading love.

Let yourself go straight through it. What is it you feel you need to ward yourself from? Other people's pain? You may be called to be a witness to their suffering.

Call in Spirit to guide you through the fear, through the aversion. There's something there for you to hear, to experience. We are all so very intertwined. In love.

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