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White Witness in the Black Lives Matter Movement

Spiritually Speaking: should I witness an evil action, violence of any kind, it is my soul responsibility to Re-act. It is in my divine nature. It is the most natural thing to do. It is not a mind thing, it’s not a thought. We actually belong to each other, we actually are responsible for each other’s well-being. I’m not responsible for someone's feelings, or someone's actions, But as for someone's well-being: I actually am.

Thought has gotten in our way of Divine Re-action.

We have been indoctrinated to suppress our divine re-action to darkness,

in the name of self-preservation, in the name of so many things, in the vein of supremacy.

We are so powerful, we can change our minds. It’s simple, it’s not easy, it is a practice which requires our conscious attention everyday and all of our consciences. A constant peeling away of layers.

Many privileged people are in a stage of denial, because of fear, fear to change, fear to become more responsible, fear of feeling. They may have a connection to their true selves, and may feel a deep sadness for the implicit and explicit racism that exists in the world and within themselves, and feel guilt and shame. It makes so sense! Race isn’t even a biological truth let alone a spiritual one! Ask them when the last time a shadow-projection was rational. We cannot bypass what is happening on the Earth plane by mouthing off scientific and spiritual truths, or hiding behind saying "light and love." That is simply a form of denial and a repression of one's heart, one's fear and one's heartbreak.

The Earth plane may only be relatively real, but experience of brutality is real to one’s soul.

There’s a dichotomy on Earth, a master-slave archetype which lives in and around us, in our economy and our mindsets, and it directly affects us. What is inherent in this dichotomy is the feeling that if someone else has, then I am without. If I have, someone else must have-not. This kind of archaic thinking does not only indirectly affect you by the bearing of witness of suffering which is your soul’s calling should you be a white person in this lifetime. It affects your physical, mental, emotional, and psychic, energies whether you're conscious of it or not. Being inundated with the images of violence daily, as we are now like no other time in history is difficult for us, and it’s also a blessing: darkness is out in the open. Light is being shone. When something unjust happens, the first thing one must do in Re-action is share, share that story far and wide. Will you listen to your sister’s pains?

Will you listen to the sorrow, the grief, the emotional, physical, societal pain?

Will you Re-act?

You don't need to attain perfection before re-acting.

Re-acting can look a lot like listening. Really, really listening. Many of us will feel our resistance to these stories within and without manifest in a form of anxiety in our Solar Plexus, the center of our bellies which connects us to Spirit, God, and all other life, human and otherwise. It sets an alarm off in you. It tells you: there’s something very, very wrong here. You will think it’s yours, your ego will tell you it’s your personal insecurities and your personal fears you are feeling, and that will be true. Your ego will try to guilt and shame you, and you may even try to conjure pity.

Listen deeper. There is a broader truth to our cancers, anxieties, and illnesses. That truth is there are systemic injustices in this world, inflicting pain on our fellow humans, and until you acknowledge that, it will eat at you in a myriad of ways.

You have seen evil incarnate, you have seen darkness outside, you have seen it taint everything, even the good things, even the spiritual teachers who you would have once trusted with your life, have failed you and disappointed you. And it hurts like hell. You yourself may have been brutalized, and the pain of others refusal to bear witness may haunt your every day.

If I may suggest one thing: let yourself feel the remorse, the grief at the reality of the physical world. Let your heart break into a trillion pieces. Watch it explode into seeds of love reaching depths you haven’t yet touched. You have the power to feel hurt, and see the Darkness. See the racism you inherited, get to the bottom of that hellish ocean. Why? Because at one time or another you're going to need to embrace your whole self to accept and love your whole self, so you can accept and love everyone. But you don't need to attain perfection, ie total acceptance, before you act incongruence with the truth.

Don’t go about this business alone. Facing darkness is for Sages, and it takes mystical power. It’s a sacred rite of passage for souls who are ready for their next level of wholeness. Not everyone will do this, I have no explanation as to why. It may not be their path this lifetime, I don’t know. But if you’re reading this, it’s surely yours. Plug yourself into the source of creation, hand your will over to Divine will. How? It’s a prayer. It’s as simple as that. Find your courage to call out to a God you may not even be sure exists. Call on God to give you the strength to act when you must act, listen when you must listen, and carry you through your desert. You fear you’ll call out and no one will answer. Call anyway.

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