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Soul Portrait and Channeled Love Letter
  • Soul Portrait and Channeled Love Letter

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    Each soul has its’ own unique expression, experiences and wisdom.

    I will connect directly to your soul while I channel what I “see” with my spiritual eyes of the real you. These portraits may be completely abstract, figurative, or a mix of both depending on your Soul’s unique power.


    As I see You, and draw You I will also be channeling a written message. A love letter from soul-space that may span the course of your lifetime, past, present and future, as well as any relevant wisdom from any time you’ve incarnated. Your angels and guides may wish to speak to you as I interpret what I see. The focus of the channel is to bring forth the light of who you truly are, and what you’ve come to earth to learn, do, be and experience. The writting, like the visual, may be abstract, figurative, or literal. Experience it with your heart. 


    Some information may not make sense to you for years to come, as it will span your lifetime.


    This is the most mystical reading I offer, as it incorporates all of my faculties to deliver a unique experience and image for you.

    I was called to provide this from the wisdom of my own soul to yours—


    Your portrait will be charged with the healing power of the reading, and transmission which occurs through it at the time of its conception. Much like a crystal or a tree, and a dream it will exude helpful powerful information, and healing energy.


    Find a sacred place to hang this in your home, for all, or only you to see. Take note of how and when you and others are drawn to it. What is it saying to you in that moment? It will always transmit loving messages to you, from your truest and Highest Self. Use it in your divination as an oracle. What word or color or part of the image is speaking wisdom to you in the moment?


    You will receive one original artwork 9”x12” chalk pastel, ink, acyclic, collage or multi media portrait on 300lb  hot pressed watercolor paper 


    One handwritten channneled psychic note